Aromatic Crop Promotion


Bargur hills are located 70 km North of Erode, at the border of Tamilnadu and Karnataka States, at an elevation of 1000m MSL. The temperature during the summer is 25-32 and in winter 20-28 degree Celsius. Annual rainfall ranges between 900 – 1200mm. Bargur hills is a cluster of 33 hamlets in a total area of 5000 ha. These hamlets are surrounded by reserve forest.


The main crops are ragi, lab lab under rainfed condition and beans, onion, turmeric under irrigated conditions. Since, the area is located adjacent to forest, wild animal like wild boar, deer and elephants are damaging the crops. Some times the farmers could not able to get viable yield from the crops, even after watching during night hours. This problem resulted in migration. In order to solve this problem, KVK established Rosemary as an alternative crop through institutional approach.

About Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis) – Lamiaceae

  • It is perennial evergreen shrub, highly aromatic plant growing up to one meter hgh
  • The plant is characterized with woody trunk; leaves are linear, revolute, green colour on the dorsal side and woolly grayish on the ventral side
  • Oil glands are found in ventral side of the leaves. The flowers are pale blue in clusters. The calyx contains high oil content
  • Principle constituents: Pinenes, camphene, limonene, cineol, borneal with camphor, linalool, terpineal, octanone, borny acetate
  • Use of Rosemary: Pharmaceutical products – relax muscles, stimulant, mild analgesic and prevention of cancer. Cosmetic – skin care, hair care, and perfumery. Nourishment – common ingredient in most of the European cuisine

Economics of Rosemary Production

Initial Cultivation Cost / acre

PurposeLabour (man-days) (Rs)Wages (Rs.)Materials (Rs.)Total cost
Land preparation (Ploughing, Weeding, Drainage)1207800-7800
Manure, Compost preparation, fertilizer, application work20130050006300
Aligning, marking and planting301950-1950
Planting material--2250022500

Yearly maintenance costs / acre

PurposeLabour (man-days) (Rs)Wages (Rs.)Materials (Rs.)Total cost
Manuring, Compost preparation, fertilizers, pesticides application work201300-6300

Harvesting & Material Selling

PurposeOil content (%)Quantity oil (kg)Unit rate (Rs./acre)Amount (Rs./acre)
6000 Kg of fresh leaves (2000 Kg per harvest)160140084000
Dried herbage after oil extraction-12001012000
PurposeTotal cost (Rs.)
Annual Maintenance cost18000
Cost for oil extraction for 3 times5040
BC Ratio4.16

Impact created in promotion of aromatic crops in Bargur hills:

  • Increase in farmers enrolment in rosemary growers association
  • 280% increase in farmers enrolment in Rosemary grower association