Focus and Development Thrust

MYRADA (Host Organization) is well informed through its experiences that the responsibilities for a social development institution meticulously differ from that of a farm science center. After being recognized as a KVK, the strength of the institute mainly depends on the extent to which the potential of building institutions, sustaining livelihoods and empowering people are effectively utilized.

Our perspective work and a directional course for the future were designed in a workshop facilitated by our Executive Director Mr. Aloysius Fernandez for our KVK staff. This workshop brought about a mission statement for our KVK.

As a result of an enduring relationship between MYRADA and ICAR through various interactions and documents being circulated by ICAR from time to time, MYRADA conceptualized the ICAR’s expectations of KVKs which could be put under 2 categories of activities.

The accomplishment of these 2 activities will be justified in terms of pertinent strategies, methodology and materials among which strategies are perceived to be the most important. Good strategies are developed after taking into account both the psyche of people and their situational constraints. For instance, MYRADA empathize working with groups rather than individuals, since groups not only facilitate outreach but also provide an institutional framework that is particularly important for poor farmers who get the support from the peer group.