Integrated Farming System

CONCEPT – effective recycling and utilization of farm wastes

Integrated Farm Development is an innovative concept to improve farm productivity in a sustainable manner through integrating various farm resources and recycling various farm / home waste. The main objective of IFD is to integrate the animal and human waste into useful and productive components such as for the manufacture of vermicompost, biogas and production of crop pest repellant, thereby reducing input cost for farmers. Any technology must be farmer friendly and this IFD technology is feasible and helps the farmers to easily perceive and adopt. Nearly 5-10 interventions are demonstrated in this IFD program which is location specific, technically feasible, economically viable and eco friendly.

Integrated Farm Development helps the small and marginal farmers in reducing the input cost and increasing the yield. This manual educates the farmers on the value of resources (wastes) in both their fields and homes and the technology to convert these resources (wastes) into wealth. By adopting this technology, the farm economy will definitely improve if they realize and adopt the same.

The following components have been demonstrated under IFD:

  • Cattle shed with urine collection pit
  • Biogas
  • Vermicompost
  • Panchakavya
  • Pest repellant
  • Green fodder
  • Kitchen garden with drip irrigation
  • Grain storage management
  • Ecological sanitation
  • Biomass

Layout of an Integrated Farm Development Model